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"And finally, above all else, it is about leaving a mark that I existed: I was here. I was hungry. I was defeated. I was happy. I was sad. I was in love. I was afraid. I was hopeful. I had an idea and I had a good purpose and that’s why I made works of art…" – Felix Gonzalez-Torres

A long Time Ago (in reverse) May 18, 2011

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Saw this on SJ’s blog and thought it was cute. Basically, a time line in reverse.


One hour ago… I was at the post office mailing out a rebate form for the boy.

Two hours ago… I was at the boy’s house watching “Little Fockers.”

Four hours ago… The boy and I were eating pizza and watching “Limitless.”

Eight hours ago… I was at Target getting multi-purpose solution for my contact lenses.

Twelve hours ago… I was sitting at my desk, working.

Twenty four hours ago… I was sitting in bed, watching “Chelsea Lately.”

Three days ago… I was in bed, with a really bad cold, watching truly awful horror movies on the Chiller channel.

One week ago… Was a typical boring day at home. Same shit, different day.

One month ago… I was super excited to get my first-ever order of Japanese washi tape in the mail. Love it!

Six months ago… The boy and I had just returned from Family Christmas in Washington, which included family, friends, donuts and snow!

One year ago… I was hanging out at Happy Hour with my BFF – who was visiting from California – and some friends from our old job, then I left to meet up with the boy and his friends at Brickell Irish Pub for a friend’s birthday dinner/party.

Five years ago… I was living with my ex-fiancé, thinking about plans for our wedding. Unbeknownst to me, he was planning our break-up. (Asshole.)

Ten years ago… I had moved into the internet marketing department at my former company, where I was learning all about internet copywriting, search engine dynamics, and how to deal with moody web designers.

Twenty years ago… I had just started working at the Reservations Call Center at my former company a couple months earlier and I was still learning the ropes.

Thirty years ago… I was finishing up 6th grade and getting ready to go into junior high. Worst time of my life ever.


4 Things May 15, 2011

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Stole this from Paige Evans’ blog, because I’m sick and super-lazy today.


4 current shows I watch:
1. Criminal Minds
2. Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
3. Castle
4. The Good Wife
(I watch a LOT of other shows, but these are my top 4.)


4 things I’m passionate about:
1. My boyfriend. =)  I just love him!
2. Photography. My camera is with me at all times. You just never know when a photo-worthy moment will occur.
3. Scrapbbooking. I am so happy I found this hobby and the people I’ve met because of it.
4. I can’t think of a 4th thing. Is that bad?


4 phrases I use a lot:
1. "I’m just sayin’"
2. "Seriously??"
3. "You’re being a poopoohead" (to the BF)
4. "I love you" (ditto)


4 things I love to eat:
1. Pad Thai
2. croquetas
3. pizza
4. veggies (I hate fruit, but looove veggies)


4 movies I could watch over and over and over:
1. 10 Things I Hate About You
2. Mean Girls
3. The Boondock Saints
4. Gossip


4 book I love:
1. Goodnight Nobody by Jennifer Weiner
2. The Help by Kathryn Stockett
3. Mudbound by Hillary Jordan
4. But Enough About Me: A Jersey Girl’s Unlikely Adventures Among the Absurdly Famous by Jancee Dunn


4 bands I never get sick of:
1. The Cure
2. The Violent Femmes
3. New Found Glory
4. Angels & Airwaves


4 places I’d love to visit:
1. Ireland
2. Canada
3. Australia
4. England


4 things I’m looking forward to:
1. Getting over this effing cold!
2. Going to see "Bridesmaids" some time in the next couple of weeks (I hear it’s hilarious)
3. Scrappy day with the girls (always fun!)
4. Actually finishing this month’s book club selection (Baudolino by Umberto Eco)


That’s it. Peace out, yo!


ABC’s April 9, 2011

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Another meme. Just because.

A= Available – Nope

B= Best Friend – #1) the boy, and #2) my bff, Jules.

C= Cake or pie – Cake. Red Velvet, to be specific.

D= Drink of choice – Dr. Pepper or coffee

E= Essential item you use everyday – My laptop

F= Favorite color – Black, pink, lime green and white. (Yes, I know black and white aren’t colors. I don’t care.)

G= Gummy bears or worms – Red Vines

H= Hometown – Miami

I= Indulgences – Scrapping supplies, books, writing utensils, notebooks (Good Lord… I’m really a nerd, huh?)

J= January or February – Err… January?

K= Kids and Names – No kids. But if I did have some, I’d name them Emily and Michael.

L= Life is incomplete without? – Love, good food, friends, literature.

M= Marriage date – Not married. But our 3-year dating anniversary is coming up soon.

N= Number of siblings – 1 sister, older.

O= Oranges or apples –  Apple pie

P= Phobias or Fears – Oh man, so many. Let’s see… Heights, flying, clowns, snakes, lizards, frogs (pretty much anything reptilian or amphibious), roaches, and getting stabbed.

Q= Favorite Quote – "And finally, above all else, it is about leaving a mark that I existed: I was here. I was hungry. I was defeated. I was happy. I was sad. I was in love. I was afraid. I was hopeful. I had an idea and I had a good purpose and that’s why I made works of art…" – Felix Gonzalez-Torres

R= Reason to smile – My honey. Trips to Washington. Snow! The invention of the DVR. Dr. Pepper.

S= Season – Spring. In Washington. My hair doesn’t frizz there!

T= Tag 3 or 4 people – No

U= Unknown fact about me – Can’t really think of anything right now.

V= Vegetable you don’t like – Green beans.

W= Worst habit – Not sure if it’s considered a habit, but I have zero patience. Like none, at all.

X= X-rays – Last time was when I was hospitalized in 2007 for my gall bladder surgery.

Y= Your favorite food – Pad thai, hands down.

Z= Zodiac Sign – Cancer

That’s all. Happy weekend, y’all! Peace out!


Currently March 10, 2011

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LISTENING: To “The Office” on the TV.

EATING: Nothing

DRINKING: Dr. Pepper

WEARING: Pink tank top, gray shorts

FEELING: Congested. My allergies are being a pain today.

WEATHER: I have no idea, but it was like a monsoon outside earlier in the day.

WANTING: To take a road trip. Just feeling the need to get away with my honey.

NEEDING: A haircut and a dye job. My roots and grays are out of control!

THINKING: Where has the week gone?? Too much to do, too little time.

ENJOYING: LOOKING FORWARD TO: Our movie date tomorrow night! We haven’t been to the movies in forever, but we’re going to see “Battle: Los Angeles” tomorrow night. Yay!

WONDERING: What the surprise is that my honey said he was getting me today. He said it was something I’ve been wanting, but that it is not technology-related. So that leaves out a Nook and a Fuji Instax camera. The only other thing that came to mind is a hedgehog, but I don’t think it’s that.


Stray Thoughts:

  • I’ve literally just started working on the scrapbook of my sister’s wedding and I’m already overwhelmed. Oy vey!
  • I forgot to call the Toyota service department to see if the replacement part for my engine has come in already. I really need to do that tomorrow.
  • Looking forward to seeing the scrappy girls on Saturday and the book club girls on Sunday.  Which reminds me that I want to start posting about the books we read in book club. In case anyone else is interested in them.
  • Speaking of books, I started my $3 copy of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter yesterday. Loving it already.
  • I finished another baby album. This one is for my friend, Joy, who’s also having a little girl. I’ll share pictures after I have a chance to edit them.
  • Just caught a glimpse of myself in the dresser mirror. I really, REEEALLY need a haircut.

That’s all for now. Peace out, yo!


Exactly March 9, 2011

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Currently February 22, 2011

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Haven’t done one of these in a while…


LISTENING: Cary Brothers’ “Belong”

EATING: Doritos

DRINKING: Cherry Coke Zero

WEARING: black tshirt, navy leggings, flip flops

FEELING: Much better! I’d been sick for a few days and had zero energy.

WEATHER: According to my weather widget, it’s 80 degrees and partly cloudy.

WANTING: A red velvet cupcake

NEEDING: A pedicure. Desperately!

THINKING: I really need to get this current work project wrapped up so I can move on to the rest of my neverending to-do list!

ENJOYING: Having my car (finally) paid off!!

WONDERING: Whether or not we’ll be able to make it to Daytona Supercross this year (doesn’t seem likely).


And just because it made me laugh:

via Pleated Jeans


Coincidence November 29, 2010

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Just a quickie post so I can remember this moment…


I’m sitting on my bed with the laptop in front of me, drinking my venti nonfat white mocha latte from Starbuck’s, and scrolling through my blog subscriptions on Google Reader. When I got to Christina Clouse’s blog, I had to grab my camera (which was in my purse right next to me) and snap a pic because this was just too funny to ignore:



I happened to be resting my cup on the edge of the laptop, holding it at the exact same angle as the one in the picture on her blog.  I know, it’s kind of dumb, but I thought it was a cute coincidence.