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"And finally, above all else, it is about leaving a mark that I existed: I was here. I was hungry. I was defeated. I was happy. I was sad. I was in love. I was afraid. I was hopeful. I had an idea and I had a good purpose and that’s why I made works of art…" – Felix Gonzalez-Torres

Miami: See It Like A Tourist December 5, 2010

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WARNING: Super photo heavy!

Yesterday Fanless and I had a chance to take the Original Miami and Everglades Eco Adventure tour with Miami Tour Company. Miami Tour Company is owned by Gus and Michelle Moore, of, with whom we are personally acquainted. We had heard great things about their tour company and they’ve received really great reviews from past guests. So we booked our tour several months ago and I was really looking forward to it. (As it turned out, our very friendly and knowledgeable guide, Jim Moore, was none other than Gus’ father, but we didn’t find that out until the very end of the tour).

Our tour began when we were picked up right on time (9:35AM) in front of the Avalon Hotel on Ocean Drive in South Beach. The weather has been really beautiful lately and perfect for enjoying this kind of activity.

xxIMG_6845 xxIMG_6853

We were part of a small group – approximately 28 people – and we got to ride in a very comfortable air-conditioned bus, with large windows on both sides. The bus also had two video screens that would show live video of the road ahead as we were driving. After a quick stop at Joe’s Stone Crab to pick up a few other guests, we were on our way. First we drove down Washington Avenue in South Beach.

xxIMG_6856 xxIMG_6858

We paused at the Holocaust Memorial for picture-taking…


before making a stop at the Miami Beach Botanical Garden.

xxIMG_6863 xxIMG_6864

I had absolutely no idea this even existed, but it’s really lovely.

xxIMG_6865 xxIMG_6867

xxIMG_6869 xxIMG_6876

xxIMG_6874 xxIMG_6878

We then exited the beach, via the 395 Causeway, and headed to Coconut Grove, where we saw the former homes of Madonna and Sylvester Stallone, along with a few other locations of note.

xxIMG_6884 xxIMG_6887

We stopped for lunch in the Grove (Fanless and I made a beeline for Sandbar Grill and their delicious seafood tacos), and then drove around the Grove where we saw some interesting homes, the Bahamian Cemetery, and the Kampong Garden.

xxIMG_6894 xxIMG_6896

From the Grove we headed to Coral Gables, viewing gorgeous homes along the way, prior to making a quick stop outside the Biltmore Hotel for a photo op.


We headed down Calle Ocho into Little Havana, where we got to stop at Domino Park for a few minutes. Los viejos were so wrapped up in their games, I don’t even think they noticed the odd group of tourists taking their pictures.

xxIMG_6901 xxIMG_6902

From Little Havana we headed back to downtown Miami to drop off a few guests that were taking a sightseeing cruise from Bayside.

xxIMG_6905 xxIMG_6907

The rest of us continued on to Gator Park in the Everglades, where we took an airboat ride (check that off my bucket list).

xxIMG_6909 xxIMG_6911

We saw a great blue heron just chilling out at the dock.

xxIMG_6912 xxIMG_6913

We also saw a few gators – including a newborn! – and turtles.

xxIMG_6915 xxIMG_6933

Our airboat guide was really nice and very funny, but I don’t remember his name.

xxIMG_6921 xxIMG_6924 xxIMG_6928 xxIMG_6932 xxIMG_6934 xxIMG_6943

Following the airboat ride, we were treated to a live animal show where we got to see a really cute skunk named Paris…

xxIMG_6945 xxIMG_6948

a not-so-cute alligator named Norman…

xxIMG_6944 xxIMG_6951

and several wild peacocks.


As that concluded the tour for us, we headed back downtown to pick up the guests from Bayside and start dropping everyone off at their respective hotels.

I think the only negative for us was just the fact that it was a really long day. We didn’t get back to the beach until about 530PM, so we were kind of beat by then. But all in all, we had a really enjoyable day. The tour went at a very relaxed pace and it was nice to just sit back and let someone else do the driving for once. It was also really informative, even for a native Miamian such as myself. There were several times when I found myself saying “I never knew that” to Fanless after a particular piece of information had been shared by either Jim or by the audio recording of the tour. For example, did you know that parts of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” video were filmed in the Bahamian Cemetery? Yeah, me neither. It was little tidbits of info like that which kept the tour interesting for me.

I would definitely recommend this tour for out-of-town visitors, and even to locals that are looking for something fun and different to do.

(Oh, and here’s a video Fanless shot of the crazy animal guy sticking his hand in Norman’s mouth! Nutter!!)

Alright, that’s all. Peace out, yo!


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