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"And finally, above all else, it is about leaving a mark that I existed: I was here. I was hungry. I was defeated. I was happy. I was sad. I was in love. I was afraid. I was hopeful. I had an idea and I had a good purpose and that’s why I made works of art…" – Felix Gonzalez-Torres

Rock You Like A Hurricane July 18, 2010

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Just some pics from Friday night’s Ratt/Scorpions concert at Bayfront Park Amphitheater in downtown Miami. Fanless and I went with a few of our friends and it was a really fun time.


I love this setting for a concert. It’s just so cool to be in this huge open space, with thousands of people, and look up to see all these amazing skyscrapers.


There were way more people than I expected. Seriously, I thought there would be like, oh, 100 people.


RATT. I was pleasantly surprised to see that Stephen Pearcy was singing as last I’d heard, he’d left the band in 1992.


Richie, Jules, Kat and Eric. The guy in the upper right-hand corner (black shirt) tried to photobomb me when I was taking the picture, but I saw him and called him out on it, and then he was like “uhh… Ratt! Yeah!” Nice try, buddy.


Ratt again.


Scorpions. Their set was really cool, with the drummer on this really tall riser kind of thing, and a huge video screen in the back.




Did I mention these guys are in their 60s??


It’s the Dean baby’s first concert! (I think Kat is like 14 or 15 weeks along.)


Fanless and Eric.


OMG, this was hilarious! The guy in front (gray tank top) was sooooo drunk, he kept having to lie down and then he would roll over and stay like this for a few minutes. After the fifth or so time this happened, Eric went and laid down behind him for me to take a picture. It wasn’t until afterwards that I noticed he was doing “Blue Steel” when I took the picture.


Middle-aged metalheads as far as the eye can see.


After the show we hit up Casola’s for some pizza, before heading home. Overall, it was a great night.


Peace out, yo!


3 Responses to “Rock You Like A Hurricane”

  1. Did you guys see the pinatas that we made? What did you think?

  2. Vanessa Says:

    How fun! My hubby was there with a couple of friends! Ps- thankfully he’s not the drunken one! Heheeeee!

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