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"And finally, above all else, it is about leaving a mark that I existed: I was here. I was hungry. I was defeated. I was happy. I was sad. I was in love. I was afraid. I was hopeful. I had an idea and I had a good purpose and that’s why I made works of art…" – Felix Gonzalez-Torres

Scrappiness July 24, 2010

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Scrappy catch-up post…


First, part one of my birthday gift to myself: the Noel Mignon Office Party kit. Here’s a picture from her website of everything that is in the kit. (Just to start off, there are 23 pages of patterned paper alone. TWENTY-THREE!!!)


I made these two pages about a month ago but forgot to post them. This one uses Crate Paper Mia & Lillian collections.


This one is BG Urban Prairie paper and miscellaneous embellies from my stash.



These five pages I made when I got together with the girls at Barb’s house on the 10th. This first one is mostly K&Company Handmade collection, which was a birthday gift from Barb.


These two are Jenni Bowlin Playdate collection which I got from Damaris. It was perfect for Independence Day pictures.



This one uses a Noel Mignon kit.


This one uses K&Company Amy Butler papers that I’ve had forever and a day and had never used.



I made this one the other day using some old Collage Press Seeds collection.



As the other half of my birthday present to myself I ordered some items from’s big clearance sale, which I used to make these four pages this weekend. The first two use Crate Paper Pink Plum collection, and are lifts from Leigh Penner. (I love what she did with this collection! I’m sure I’ll be lifting more of her Pink Plum pages.)


For this one I used this blog post as the basis for my journaling. Because it was a lot, I made a card that opens up to reveal the hidden journaling inside.

IMG_6429 IMG_6430

I used some of the scraps to make this cute checkbook cover.


This one uses all K&Company Handmade collection. I even got artsy and used some acrylic paint. =)


This one uses all Echo Park A Walk in the Park collection (except for the orange butterfly).


So that brings my challenge count to 74. I’m not counting the checkbook cover. Also, yes, I know that technically it’s cheating because I used new items that I bought. But I’m justifying it with 1) it was all on clearance, and 2) it was for my birthday. So there. =)


Sorry about the super-long, photo-heavy post. Peace out, yo!


Rock You Like A Hurricane July 18, 2010

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Just some pics from Friday night’s Ratt/Scorpions concert at Bayfront Park Amphitheater in downtown Miami. Fanless and I went with a few of our friends and it was a really fun time.


I love this setting for a concert. It’s just so cool to be in this huge open space, with thousands of people, and look up to see all these amazing skyscrapers.


There were way more people than I expected. Seriously, I thought there would be like, oh, 100 people.


RATT. I was pleasantly surprised to see that Stephen Pearcy was singing as last I’d heard, he’d left the band in 1992.


Richie, Jules, Kat and Eric. The guy in the upper right-hand corner (black shirt) tried to photobomb me when I was taking the picture, but I saw him and called him out on it, and then he was like “uhh… Ratt! Yeah!” Nice try, buddy.


Ratt again.


Scorpions. Their set was really cool, with the drummer on this really tall riser kind of thing, and a huge video screen in the back.




Did I mention these guys are in their 60s??


It’s the Dean baby’s first concert! (I think Kat is like 14 or 15 weeks along.)


Fanless and Eric.


OMG, this was hilarious! The guy in front (gray tank top) was sooooo drunk, he kept having to lie down and then he would roll over and stay like this for a few minutes. After the fifth or so time this happened, Eric went and laid down behind him for me to take a picture. It wasn’t until afterwards that I noticed he was doing “Blue Steel” when I took the picture.


Middle-aged metalheads as far as the eye can see.


After the show we hit up Casola’s for some pizza, before heading home. Overall, it was a great night.


Peace out, yo!


What I would Tell Her* July 16, 2010

1. Value yourself more. You are unlike anyone else. You are God’s unique creation and He loves you.

2. Your mom is usually right. And your dad is strict for a reason. Don’t get mad at them. Understand that they love you and want what’s best for you.

3. You will never learn to swim. That’s okay.

4. You will always love books, you will always love reading and writing and poetry. Enjoy that.




5. Study, study and then study some more. You may not feel like it, but you will be grateful for it.

6. Even though it won’t feel like it, school will be over in a few years. And those jerky kids that make fun of you and bully you won’t be in your life forever.

7. Don’t worry about boys and whether or not they like you. You will learn that they are not worth the energy.




8. Save your money. You don’t need another handbag or pair of shoes. Also, don’t apply for credit cards. EVER!

9. You will never stop being shy around strangers. That’s okay. It’s part of who you are.

10. Don’t let other people lead you down the wrong path. You know what’s right and you have strong morals. Stick to that.




11. That drastically short, “Princess Diana” haircut you got in middle school? Yeah, DON’T do it. You’ll end up regretting it and trying to grow it out for at least the next two decades.

12. Go to college. Actually, go AWAY for college. And finish. It will seem scary and daunting, but you will be glad when you have a degree. It doesn’t matter in what, as long as you have one.

13. Don’t worry about fitting in or being popular. Just be yourself and be proud of that.




14. When your mom tries to teach you to sew, let her. Also, learn to knit.

15. As much as you’ll want to, do not dye your hair until it starts going gray. You will be stuck in a never-ending cycle of roots and touch-ups and color changes.

16. Resist trends. They are fleeting for a reason.




17. Do NOT marry that guy. He doesn’t love you and certainly doesn’t respect you. He will only cause you heartache and insecurity.

18. Learn to drive sooner.

19. That group of girls you’re trying so hard to fit in with? They are not your friends. They will talk about you behind your back and turn on you for being “too honest.” But don’t worry; you will eventually find a new group of friends. And they will be amazing, beautiful, talented and kind. They will love you and accept you exactly as you are, imperfections and all. Treasure this, because it only happens once in a lifetime.


girls tere


20. One day, in the future, you will meet a cute German/Mexican boy. He will be funny and smart and sweet and he will appreciate you and accept you as is. Let the friendship happen naturally. Don’t rush it. Learn to love each other, before you fall IN love with each other. It will be good and you will be happy.




*If I knew then what I know now.


Back When MTV Actually Played Music… July 13, 2010

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For the past few days I have been totally obsessed with listening to these old songs that I loved in my teens and 20s. I don’t know if I’m feeling nostalgic because my birthday is in four days or what, but truthfully, they are pretty great songs!


“Disappear” – INXS

Man, I loved INXS.


















Serously, listen to the lyrics of this song: “…But when I see you coming I can take it all, You’re so fine, Lose my mind, And the world seems to disappear, All the problems, all the fears, And the world seems to disappear.”  Love conquers all, baby! *swoon*  I was lucky enough to see them live at the old Miami Arena downtown, and Michael Hutchence ran down into the audience and passed right by me and my friend, and I remember thinking “wow, he’s so short!” But totally gorgeous. I was so sad when he died. =(



“Desperate But Not Serious” – Adam & the Ants

I looooved this song!! This was popular in the early days of MTV, but my parents refused to get cable, so I remember my neighbor and I would go to her house every day after school (this was probably around 7th or 8th grade?) and just wait for this video to come on. 


















In retrospect, I wonder if the character of Captain Jack Sparrow wasn’t at least a little bit inspired by Adam Ant, yeah?



Sweet Sixteen” – Billy Idol

Awesome. Just a perfect, perfect song. AND (bonus trivia for South Floridians) it’s about our very own Coral Castle! Which I have yet to visit. (Maybe later in the year when being outdoors doesn’t feel like walking on the surface of the sun!)


















I also saw Billy Idol live at the old arena. His opening act was Faith No More! Remember them? With the goldfish? That was a fun show.


Dirty Boots” – Sonic Youth

This song is 100% responsible for making me want to wear Doc Maartens.


















Plus, Kim Gordon is just about the coolest female on the planet. I’ve never had the chance to see them live though, so that sucks.



Vienna” – Ultravoxx

So, so cool. Haunting, almost. This was definitely a standout for me amongst all the other synth-pop, New Wave of the time.


















Midge Ure was a such a great frontman. Beautiful voice.



“South Central Rain” – REM

I really wanted to marry Michael Stipe. Heck, I probably still would.


















I’m totally blanking out on whether or not I ever got to see REM live. I want to say I did, I feel like I did, but I honestly can’t recall.


Ahhh… good times. Alright, the trip down memory lane has come to a stop.


Peace out, yo!


4th of july recap July 6, 2010

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For the 4th of July, Fanless and I decided to check out the Greater Miami Youth Symphony concert on the beach, followed by the annual fireworks display.


These flags were set up next to the stage and I thought they looked so pretty against the night sky.

IMG_6243  IMG_6244

Holy Baby Jesus… taking pictures of fireworks is really hard! Out of the 60+ pictures I took, these were the few that looked somewhat okay after MUCH photoshopping.

fw1  fw2  FW3 

fw5  fw6  fw7

After the fireworks we walked over to Frankie’s to have a couple of beers and some wings, but they didn’t have a cook on duty. So we ended up having a couple of beers and playing “LIFE” on Fanless’s iPhone.


Afterwards we walked to Pizza Rustica on 9th and Washington to get a couple of slices (the spinach and blue cheese – OMG, awesome!!) before heading home. It was a pretty enjoyable, low-key evening.


Oh, and here’s a video Fanless took with his phone of part of the fireworks display:


Hope everyone had a happy and safe 4th of July weekend! Peace out, yo!


Rant. Sort of. July 1, 2010

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Work, bills, laundry, groceries, Target, errands.

And repeat: Work, bills, laundry, groceries, Target, errands.

And repeat: Work, bills, laundry, groceries, Target, errands…


What the f—k has happened to my life??


This sucks.