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"And finally, above all else, it is about leaving a mark that I existed: I was here. I was hungry. I was defeated. I was happy. I was sad. I was in love. I was afraid. I was hopeful. I had an idea and I had a good purpose and that’s why I made works of art…" – Felix Gonzalez-Torres

FYI, Lawn seats Suck! September 28, 2009

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This past Saturday, Fanless and I attended the Blink 182/Fall Out Boy/All American Rejects concert at the Cruzan Amphitheater in West Palm Beach. Typically, when we attend an event, I try to write a blog post about it that includes photos and videos. This time? Yeah, not so much. Suffice it to say that the show was sold out and we had lawn seats whereby we were surrounded by what looked to be 10,000 inebriated teenagers.

We were so far away from the stage, in fact, that this was the best shot I could get of Fall Out Boy… with a 10x zoom on my camera:



And Blink 182:



Unfortunately, I didn’t get any video, and I won’t even bother with All American Reject photos. They all came out awful.

This was the best shot of the night (I played around with the effects on Picasa). Is there anything better than a cute boy with a beer and a pretzel??:


(I was sitting on the floor for this shot, btw.)


So my quickie review of the show: First, let me point out that I am not a big fan of any of the three bands, knowing only their radio-friendly songs. All American Rejects front man, Tyson Ritter, performed with a brace on his leg (supposedly, he’d had a tumor removed from his leg earlier in the day, but I can neither confirm nor deny if this is true). That’s pretty rock and roll right there! Fall Out Boy is much more hardcore than I had anticipated (having never seen them live before). And there was definite excitement in the air for the reunion of Blink 182, as this tour marks the first time they have played together in five years. Overall, it was a good show, although a little too crowded for my taste.

My favorite parts of the evening, by far, were 1) visiting Kim and Brandon prior to the show, and getting to hold 17-day-old Liana the entire time:


(Seriously, she is so yummy. She slept the entire time we were there.)


2) Hanging out with Mia, who insisted on showing us her Halloween costume:



And 3), Sonic after the show!:



So, that’s pretty much it. Peace out, yo!


Fascinating New Thing September 23, 2009

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Fascinating new thing
You delight me, and I know you’re speaking of me
Fascinating new thing
Get beside me, I want you to love me
I’m surprised that you’ve never been told before
That you’re lovely
And you’re perfect
And that somebody wants you
Fascinating new thing
The scene makin’, want a temporary saviour
Fascinating new thing
Don’t betray them by becoming familiar
I’m surprised that you’ve never been told before
That you’re lovely
And you’re perfect
And that somebody wants you
I’m surprised that you’ve never been told before
That you’re priceless
Yeah, you’re precious
Even when you are not new
I’m surprised that you’ve never been told before
That you’re lovely
And you’re perfect
And that somebody wants you
I’m surprised that you’ve never been told before
That you’re priceless
Yeah, you’re holy
Even when you are not new


Crafty Link Love

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Not much going on lately, so I’ll just share some links that scrappers (or crafters in general) will find interesting.

  • If you love white gel pens for journaling on dark papers, check out They have a huge selection of pens and other writing utensils, and any order over $25 gets free shipping.
  • Sometimes I get a bit overwhelmed trying to scrap EVERY. SINGLE. PHOTO from a vacation. (That could be why it took me almost 10 months to complete our 2008 Christmas Vacation scrapbook.) This article from has some great advice for not letting yourself get bogged down by such a task.
  • If you want some quick and easy inspiration for your layouts – without having to sort through tons of blogs and online galleries – check out Simple Scrapper’s “Scrapspiration” blog.


That’s it for now. Peace out, yo!


Angel Eyes? September 21, 2009

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I love sunglasses. I really do. I currently own somewhere around 15 pairs. Last week had a great sale on sunglasses and I ordered these two from Angel for only $9.99 each (they typically retail for $75 each)! (I have to tell you I am super-impressed with the shipping from I literally ordered them on Thursday night, and at 11:47AM today, the UPS guy was knocking on my door!)

And yes, this is me in my “no-makeup-messy-hair-still-in-PJs-photos-in-the-bathroom-mirror” all natural state. Sorry!


Love that little heart!



These say “angel” in translucent purple on the sides.


Sorry I don’t have anything more exciting to share. It is what it is, people.

Peace out, yo!


Scrap Retreat Recap: A Photo essay September 16, 2009

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The scrap retreat this past weekend was fun and productive (I made 17 layouts and a mini-album, yo!). I got to hang out with my scrappy girls, eat delicious food, stay in a beautiful resort and just relax and have a great time. Vane and Damaris both have great recaps on their blogs, so I’ll just share some favorite photos from the weekend.


Where we stayed (Vane’s picture):


My room (the bed was sooo comfortable).


The view from my balcony.



The Island Room. This is where we scrapped all weekend and the views were fantastic.


Along with the MASSIVE goody bags (the beach bags pictured on the tables above), each girl received a monogrammed apron handmade by Damaris’ mom.


Barb got right down to business and completed her first layout shortly after we arrived.


We enjoyed lunch al fresco, overlooking the resort’s pool area.


Yummy Mahi tacos and garlic fries (seriously, I would go back just for more of this).


Gratuitous scenery shots.






On Sunday, we all gathered at the grand staircase in the lobby (wearing our cute aprons, of course) for a group photo. Damaris’ sister, Margie, said we looked like a bag of Skittles (LOL)!


Damaris, you put together an awesome retreat! It was fun and relaxing and creative… everything and anything we could’ve hoped for! Seriously, you outdid yourself!! XOXO!!


That’s it for now. Peace out, yo!


Birthday Boy September 13, 2009

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Happy (belated) birthday to my little monkey!  I’m sorry I missed it (it was on Friday, but I was out of town), but always know that Tia Lulu loves you!

(OMG, I can’t believe he’s four already!!  Where does the time go??)


Welcome, Little One! September 9, 2009

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Congratulations to our sweet friends, Kim and Brandon, who welcomed their new daughter into the world today!