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"And finally, above all else, it is about leaving a mark that I existed: I was here. I was hungry. I was defeated. I was happy. I was sad. I was in love. I was afraid. I was hopeful. I had an idea and I had a good purpose and that’s why I made works of art…" – Felix Gonzalez-Torres

Scrappiness August 28, 2008

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This is a "mini-album" I made a couple of weeks ago of a trip the boy and I took in March for the Daytona SuperCross. The entire thing was made using Scrapblog. No paper and glue at all. (I think you can click on the images to enlarge them.)

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That’s all I’ve got for now. Have a great day, y’all.

Peace out!


Scrappiness & Random Sharing August 25, 2008

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I don’t have anything too exciting to share. Overall this past weekend was pretty relaxed, which I welcomed with open arms. With the exception of a going away get-together for a friend and her hubby (they are moving to San Francisco) and a quick trip to Target, the majority of the weekend was spent at the boy’s place. We watched a lot of sports – motocross, the Dew Tour, and pre-season football (Dolphins beat Kansas City, 24-0!!) – and a couple of movies (Clerks 2 and Felon; there was a third movie but we both fell asleep watching it and I can’t remember the name), ordered some Chinese food, and hung out in our pajamas. It was awesome!

I do have some scrappy stuff to share! I managed to whip up a few layouts over the weekend (I had brought some scrap supplies with me). I’m pretty happy with them, which is rare for me.

2796139425_56f11a7248_m 2796985190_15eb905a87_m

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  • Miss Them – the pic is from my parents’ going away dinner last month. Supplies are from SEI (pp, leaf embellie), AC (alphas) and MM (tag and photo corners)
  • Ahora y Siempre – the boy and I. Supplies are Marah Johnson for Creative Imaginations (pp, tag, bird sticker), Autumn Leaves (rubon), and Target $1 Spot (alphas). The Marah Johnson stuff was a bday gift from Tere and I looove it!
  • Making Sand Castles – my little cousin playing on Miami Beach last summer. Supplies are Collage Press Seeds (pp, alphas, tag), Hambly (overlay) and Michael’s (cork paper). The fabric "sun" was a gift from Ady.
  • Unagi! – my fave pic of my BFF and me. Supplies are BamPop (pp, diecut frames), Martha Stewart (BFF sticker), AC (alphas), and Target $1 Spot (star stickers). The title comes from this episode of Friends, which is our favorite of all time.

Umm… I guess that’s it for now. I really wish I had more exciting stuff to share BUT… this IS my life, peeps. Nothing more to it.

Happy Monday! Peace out, yo!


friday funnies & a random list August 22, 2008

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Two, two, TWO posts in one!

First up, comedian John Pinette talks about water parks:

Then, a random list o’ stuff:

  • I got to meet this awesome girl this week! She is one of my scrap/art idols and totally one of my "girl crushes." She was so awesome; totally sweet and funny! Thanks to the equally awesome Rebecca S. (THE Scrapblog Diva) for hooking a sista’ up!
  • Two recently discovered blogs I’m really loving right now: The Cotton Wife and M. Writes. Both are written by very smart, funny, charming women.
  • I finally found some water I actually WANT to drink! The Target Market Pantry Wild Cherry sparkling water. This is a big deal because I HATE drinking water. But this tastes just like cherry soda, has no sugar, no caffeine and ZERO calories! I love this water so much I want to marry it!
  • I still haven’t found the Martha Stewart owl punch I blogged about last week. I went to Michael’s and they had all the Halloween punches except that one (of course). I refuse to give up.
  • Looks like we may not be going to the Dew Action Sports Tour in Orlando after all. It’s just a little more money than either of us are prepared to spend right now. That stupid hospital stay in December really screwed me up financially this year. Sucks!!
  • I’m totally loving Windows LiveWriter right now. I’m using it to write this post and it is sooo much easier than trying to get Blogger to cooperate. The best part is that it’s a free download. Yay for LiveWriter!

I guess that’s about it for now. Have a great weekend, y’all!

Peace out!


spoken word wednesday August 20, 2008

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Rafael Casal – "Barbie and Ken 101"


spoken word wednesday August 13, 2008

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Amir Sulaiman – "She Said I Prefer A Broken Neck"
Pretty powerful stuff… gave me goosebumps!


the online profile status

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When it comes to your significant others’ social networking accounts, how important is it that their relationship status be evident? Is it a "must have" that their Facebook/Twitter/MySpace/socnet-du-jour state clearly that they are married, taken, in a relationship, not interested in any way, shape or form in your come-ons, you brazen hussy!??

This is something I’ve thought about in the past and I just thought I would pose the question to you. I ask because I know that to some of my friends, that is an important detail they insist that their other half include in their profiles. Me? I couldn’t care less. As long as my boyfriend’s page doesn’t say "looking for hot babes to fondle in the alley behind Quizno’s between the hours of 12am and 2", it’s all good.

Of course, I’m not saying it’s always been this way for me. Admittedly, in past relationships there was an uneasiness that I felt if my guy’s "not available" status wasn’t clearly and evidently displayed, preferably with a flashing blinkie that said "back off, ho!" For the longest time I felt that it was about me, my insecurities, my low self-esteem, that made me feel that way. It never occurred to me that the unease and insecurity probably had nothing at all to do with me and everything to do with him ("him" being a conglomerate of all the different "hims" over the years). The truth, I came to realize, was that the uneasy feeling was there for a reason: not one of the "hims" was in it for the long haul. Their reluctance to clearly state their, well, STATE on their online profiles was a sure sign that not one of them was ever 100% committed to me, to the now. They practically had one foot out the door, running shoe securely fastened, waiting to bolt at the first sign that something better had come along. Even when it wasn’t so blatantly obvious, there was always an underlying air of disinterest in the relationship. Non-commital, non-labeling, non-confirming. Girlfriend? What girlfriend? Nope, not me, sir.

I’ve had friends whose boyfriends/husbands/baby daddies/whatever HAVE been unfaithful with women they have met online. And it has happened to me, too. Let’s face it – the internet makes it easy to cheat. Whereas before men would have to put a little effort into it – actually shower and get dressed up, go out, find a chick to talk to, buy her drinks – now all they have to do is flip on a computer, post a 10-year-old pic taken from a really good angle, and type a bunch of flirtatious bullshit onto a screen. Done. Easy peasy.

A few days ago I was at the boy’s house and he was online. I noticed that his MySpace profile still shows him as single. And it didn’t even faze me one little bit. Whereas in the past I would have immediately been overwhelmed with paranoia (Why does it say single? He’s not single? WTF?? Is something going on?, etc. ad nauseum…), with the boy it didn’t even register as a blip on my paranoia meter. Because I know it’s not an intentional omission of the facts; it just hasn’t occurred to him to change it. And that’s fine with me. It doesn’t bother me one bit. And I didn’t even realize that it didn’t bother me because of how little it bothered me! And that’s when I had my epiphanous moment that it wasn’t me! Now THAT’S enlightenment, people!

The truth is he was more than happy to initiate the update to his status on Facebook to show we were now "in a relationship." We didn’t think it was that big of a deal when I confirmed the Facebook request, until we realized that it went into ALLLL of our friends’ feeds. Oh. Well… alright. So now everyone knows. Okay. At the time I requested that he remove the part of his profile that said "looking for women, relationships, whatever I can get" because I had this whole icky vision of us being approached by swingers and was so not down with that. But other than that, it didn’t even occur to me to request he change his relationship status on any of his other profiles. And that, I realized, has to do with him. All him.

He instills in me a sense of security in this relationship that I’ve never felt before. It’s not even something that is vocalized; it’s simply in his actions, his treatment of our relationship. He spends a lot of time online; it’s his interest and hobby. He has three running computers at home, subscribes to PC and MAC magazines, and is signed up on 7,349,828,743 websites/social networks/etc. (I might be exaggerating. Slightly.) But even so, I am not at all worried that he may pursue something with some random girl that may come on to him online because, at the end of the day, he has shown me how deeply he cares about what we have and wouldn’t risk losing it. It feels good to know that someone is that committed to you, you know? So what it says in that little box next to his pic? Could not care less!

I wonder how many other women out there feel this way. Is it important that your guy’s online profile clearly state that he is taken, unavailable, verboten… or do you not care about those minor details because the relationship is so strong? I would love to know.


spoken word wednesday August 6, 2008

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The boy and I watched "Wanted" this weekend and Common is in it, playing an assassin (sp? assasin?? whatever!), so I thought I’d share one of his poems.



only tuesday? really?? August 5, 2008

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I can’t believe it’s August already! This year is just zipping by. Sometimes that’s a good thing, but there are other times that I wish it would slow down and just me relish being in the moment. A lot has happened. Some of it bad. Most of it wonderful. A lot of eye opening situations, and that’s always good.

Anyway, enough rambling. Let’s get to the meat and potatoes, shall we?
1. I’m finally going to try out for a design team spot. I had been on the fence about it, thinking I’m really not good enough and all that. But then I realized I have nothing to lose. So I’m going to go for it. I’m not going to say what kit club it’s for, as I don’t want to jinx myself. Once the list is finalized I will reveal it here.

2. My boyfriend rocks. I know, I know! You’re probably sick of it by now. But I can’t help it. Every day I am finding one more thing about him to add to the ever-growing list of fabulosity. He’s always surprising me in small, but significant ways. Listen, this is still pretty new. And it’s fun. And it feels awesome. So let me bask, will you?

3. I never thought I’d say this, but I think I actually want to get a pair of Crocs. Oh God, no! Not the garden clog variety! These, that I first spotted on my friend, Kim. Cute, huh?? I usually only wear flats (add to the Boyfriend list: he doesn’t like when I wear high heels. YAY!!) and Kim swears these are super comfortable. She even wore them to Disney and said her feet didn’t hurt at all. Only 25 bucks, yo!

4. I’m going to another Monster Jam (monster truck rally)! The boy’s friend won tickets, but will be out of town the night of the event, so she’s letting us have them. I went to my first ever Monster Jam with him in February and it was sooo much fun! Who woulda thunk it?? We’re going to go see "Dark Knight" at the IMAX theater in Ft. Lauderdale earlier in the day, so it’s going to be one fun-filled day. Can’t wait!

5. I STILL need a vacation. Like desperately. We’re supposed to go to Orlando in October for the Dew Tour weekend. I think that might pretty much be my vacation for the year.

6. Tere’s birthday dinner was a hit. My lasagna came out even better than I expected, so I’m happy about that. We had a yummy dinner, great conversation, and I got to play with my super-adorable "nephew," Max, so that’s a good night as far as I’m concerned.

Hmm… is that it?? Really? I can’t believe that’s all I’ve got to share. Dude, how boring is my life right now? Well, you know what? Boring = peaceful, so I’ll take it.


friday funnies August 1, 2008

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So I’m trying this new thing where I post a comedy video on Fridays. Let’s see how it goes.

First up: Anjelah Johnson. This chick is hysterical! Enjoy!