Searching for Normalcy

"And finally, above all else, it is about leaving a mark that I existed: I was here. I was hungry. I was defeated. I was happy. I was sad. I was in love. I was afraid. I was hopeful. I had an idea and I had a good purpose and that’s why I made works of art…" – Felix Gonzalez-Torres

wanted: an exciting, all-expense paid vacation! July 31, 2008

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My allergies have been kicking my ass for the past week or so, causing me to be a little "zoned out" (okay fine — a little more than usual). I just started taking Zyrtec a few days ago and so far, so good. But it does make me really loopy and makes it hard to focus. So rather than even try to put together a coherent post, please allow me to share some randomness with you.

1. Spent ALLLL day Saturday (11am – midnight) with my scrappy girls at Scrapbook Central in Coconut Creek. We had so much fun! I wasn’t as productive as I would have liked (what did I predict? I told you my mojo would die when I was there, right?), but I did manage to make two cards and six layouts that I’m really happy with. So I guess it wasn’t a total waste.

2. On Sunday morning, the boy and I joined five (well, six if you count Mia, the cutest 2-year-old ever!) of his friends for breakfast at Jimmy’s Eastside Diner on Biscayne Blvd. We were celebrating his BFF, Brandon’s, birthday. After breakfast we went to Target (yes – ALL of us) and I am happy to report that I did not buy a single thing! Yay, me! (Not that I wasn’t looking.)

3. Damaris asked me to be a guest designer for SDUI for August! I’m so excited! I’ve never guest designed before. I’m supposed to make a mini-album using a kit she gave me. I haven’t started yet, but I will try to post pics after it’s done and I’ve submitted it to her.

4. FINALLY got my visitor’s parking passes for the beach. This has been an issue since the boy moved to his new apartment. At the old place I could park for free in the alley behind his office (they gave me a sticker to use), which was exactly eleven steps to the back door of his apartment building. The new place is in a different residential zone (Miami Beach is broken up into zones) and I need a special pass to park there. Otherwise I have to park in the garage off Washington Avenue for $15 a day (from July 4th weekend through this past weekend I spent like $80 in parking!) Now I have passes all the way through April of next year for only $11. Yay!

5. Tomorrow night I’m making a special birthday dinner for my sweet friend, Tere. I have to go to the grocery store tonight to get all the ingredients, plus my regular groceries (I have NOTHING in here).

6. I am so not liking "Suede" on Project Runway. Dude, seriously, stop talking about yourself in the THIRD PERSON!! Fuck!! So obnoxious. On the flipside, I want to marry Tim Gunn. I just love him! How cute is he saying "Holla at yo’ boy"? Or rather "Holler at your boy" (with perfect diction). Cute!

7. Okay, seriously, where did they find the stylists for this season’s "Shear Genius"?? OMG, they suck!!

8. I did not buy yellow shoes (you can relax, Anna!), but I did get the cutest tan-yellow bag at Target with one of my bday gift cards.

9. I organized my scrap space last night while watching the X Games on I also sorted out some ATCs that need to go in the mail tomorrow. I hosted a "Culture/Heritage" ATC swap on SIStv and the cards I received were so gorgeous! I’ll post pics at a later date. (Don’t feel like taking out the camera now.)

10. Also, thanks to Vane, I now want to get the Fiskars fingertip knife. It’s actually a lot more comfortable than it looks. And only $4 at Target! I also want to get the 3" square Giga Punch from Marvy. (Dude! I found the punch at Micheal’s this afternoon and it was on sale for $10! That is an awesome price, so of course I got it! Yay!!)

I guess that’s it for now. How exciting is MY life?? Be jealous! (Eyeroll)