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"And finally, above all else, it is about leaving a mark that I existed: I was here. I was hungry. I was defeated. I was happy. I was sad. I was in love. I was afraid. I was hopeful. I had an idea and I had a good purpose and that’s why I made works of art…" – Felix Gonzalez-Torres

spoken word wednesday April 29, 2008

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Anis Mojgani


personality test April 25, 2008

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Wow… this is pretty accurate!

You Are An ISFJ

The Nurturer
You have a strong need to belong, and you are very loyal.
A good listener, you excel at helping others in practical ways.
In your spare time, you enjoy engaging your senses through art, cooking, and music.
You find it easy to be devoted to one person, who you do special things for.
In love, you express your emotions through actions.
Taking care of someone is how you love them. And you do it well!
At work, you do well in a structured environment. You complete tasks well and on time.
You would make a good interior designer, chef, or child psychologist.
How you see yourself: Competent, dependable, and detail oriented
When other people don’t get you, they see you as: Boring, dominant, and stuck in a rut

What’s Your Personality Type?


this is for real April 24, 2008

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How was your night? Okay? Not too exciting??

Well, my night was AWESOME!!! Because Fanless and I went to the Honda Civic Tour, and saw Motion City Soundtrack (!!), Panic at the Disco, The Hush Sound and Phantom Planet at the Fillmore in Miami Beach. Great, great show! All the bands were fantastic. The only ones I couldn’t get that into were The Hush Sound. They were a little too mellow (in a live show setting) for my taste. But we did see them eating at Pizza Rustica after the show and they are just adorable up close and personal.

I wanted to share a video of my current favorite Motion City Soundtrack song ("I Fell In Love Without You"), but I couldn’t find one. So instead I give you my second favorite – "This Is For Real." (In other news, MCS singer, Justin Pierre, reminds me of a cross between my friend,Ferny, and "Kumar" from the "Harold and Kumar" movies. Just sayin’.)



cinquenta y seis April 22, 2008

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Once upon a time, on a lush, tropical island in the Caribbean, there was a boy… Well, actually, he was already considered a man. He was tall and thin, with curly, dark-blonde hair and bright, baby blue eyes, which he usually kept hidden behind dark sunglasses.

One day, the boy was sitting at the kitchen window in his Tia’s house, waiting for her to make un cafécito. He glanced out the window and saw a girl walking by. She was cute and curvy, with black hair, ivory skin and hazel eyes.

The boy turned to his cousin and asked,“Quien es esa muchacha?” (“Who is that girl?”)

His cousin replied, “La prima de mi esposa.” (“My wife’s cousin.”) [The girl was visiting her Tia and Tio that lived next door.]

The boy answered “Quiero que me la presentes.” (“I want you to introduce me to her.”)

“Porque?” (“Why?”), asked his cousin.

“Porque ella va a hacer mi esposa y la madre de mis hijos,” the boy declared with all the confidence in the world. (“Because she is going to be my wife and the mother of my children.”)

Six months later, at the tender ages of 22 (him) and 17 (her), they became husband and wife.

Together they fled the oppressive political regime of that island and made their way to a different country, where they didn’t know the language or the customs, for the betterment of their family. They raised two children, always straddling two very different cultures, and built a simple life filled with love, values and unity. They watched their only grand-daughter blossom into a beautiful, strong-headed woman. They worked hard every day to keep their family happy and healthy, and were able to retire so they could enjoy their “golden years” together.

Fifty-six years later, they are still going strong.

Happy *56th Anniversary!

4/23/08: I just talked to my mom and asked her about this story. She remembered that the first time she met my dad he was wearing a long-sleeved, brown linen shirt with a small leaf pattern on it. She said that when she first saw him, with his wavy blonde hair and blue eyes, she went weak in the knees. Dude, how cute is that??


they’d probably melt in the sun, too! April 15, 2008

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(Watch me piss off a bunch of blog visitors in one post.)

So there’s all this big controversy about the presidential candidates being elitists, right? At least that’s what MSNBC tells me. And apparently some folks are all offended and in a tizzy over it. They think the presidential candidates should be "regular" folk.

Umm, yeah – not so much.

People, we’re not talking about the parts manager at your local Honda service shop, or the owner of the corner dry cleaning store in your ‘hood. We’re talking about the PRESIDENT of the United States of America. I can’t speak for everyone, but I WANT my president to be an elitist. I want him (or her) to be superior to me and everyone I know personally, in every conceivable way. I want him (or her) to be an Ivy League-educated, six-figure-income-making, could-kick-your-ass-on-"Jeopardy"-smarty-pants-being, mo’ fo’. I do not want Bubba with the NASCAR souvenir pennants, drinking his Coors Light out of the can, while revving the El Camino in the driveway, running this country. No offense to Bubba. I’m sure he’s probably a dope as hell guy and I would totally hang with him on a Sunday, grilling burgers and talking football. BUT, I’m just sayin’.

Okay, I’m done.

P.S. "Juno" is out on DVD today! Yay!


scrappiness April 7, 2008

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Yesterday I met up with the Scrappy Girls at Scrap-n-Elegance (located at historic Cauley Square in the Goulds area of Miami) to make cards. Well, we were supposed to make Mother’s Day cards BUT, that didn’t exactly happen. Instead we talked a lot, ate some delicious food from the Village Chalet next to the scrap shop, talked some more, laughed a lot, went back to the Village Chalet for dessert, then went home.

Oh, but wait, I did manage to make three cards in about, oh… 3.5 hours (pathetic, I know).

Oh, and I just noticed my butterflies are wonky. Oh well, screw it. It’s handmade!


scrappiness April 4, 2008

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I was on a scrapping roll last night. I made three 12×12 layouts using (mostly) the "B Sharp" kit from Sweet Twee Labs (and a few other miscellaneous items.

I also made a cute card but I can’t post it because the receiver hasn’t seen it yet.

Umm… I guess that’s it for now. Peace out, yo!